Training Clinics

Most of you who know Mobley and me know that I have spent literally thousands of dollars on trainers, dog training classes, books, videos and what not.....with little result…so I performed a web search and found Judy. The rest, as they say, is history.

Brenda, Colorado

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My 10-year-old Australian Shepherd Josey has had fear issues since the day we brought her home from the breeder…We trained and trained, and she got worse and worse….Josey and I flew from our Florida home to Colorado to learn Dialogue®….we’ve been home three days, and I can hardly believe what I’m seeing in Josey….

Linda, Florida 

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We thought the clinic was terrific and really enjoyed the hard work….we felt such support there for Sunny and Sascha….

Jeanne and Deborah, California

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I can't tell you how thankful I was to have had the training with Judy's amazing system of WR-DOS and Dialogue. There is nothing like it out there, and it's vital that as many people know about it as possible.

Cheryl, Colorado

It was an intense, jam-packed weekend, but well worth the time and effort.                           

Cindy, Colorado

Training Clinics

In just two days you can learn dog obedience training with Dialogue®, hands-on! The sessions are one-on-one and all-inclusive.

Dialogue® is highly effective two-way communication between a dog and her human partner. Dialogue® removes the primary obstacle to good dog behaviordog anxiety. Dialogue® gives your dog the confidence, security and peace of mind she needs to be able to respond appropriately to you.

I work one-on-one with dogs and their human partners in a two-day training clinic format.  I have given my two-day clinic in situations both formal and informal, and always with heartwarming success.  I can personally help you and your dog if you and your dog can spend just two days at a clinic location. All the instruction you and your dog need is accomplished in five sessions within those two days. You can return to your home with an entirely new relationship with your dog. There is no “beginning” dog training course, no shortcuts!  If you had a disease, you wouldn’t want just a partial or “beginning” treatment. You’d want to get fully well! Every dog wants to be as happy, confident and peaceful as she can be.

As you practice with your dog back at your home, I can answer either by phone or e-mail any questions that arise. And you are urged to share the story of your experience with me.

Each clinic, regardless of where it is held, offers a choice of the following levels of participation:

FULL PARTICIPANTS are dog/owner partnerships that devote two full days to learning Dialogue®.  I work one-on-one with each student. The dog devotes about 15 to 20 minutes in two sessions to learning from me the components of Dialogue®, all the standard AKC Novice Level obedience exercises (Heel, Sit, Sit-Stay, Down, Down-Stay, Stand and Come), which I call "appropriate behaviors." By the end of the second session virtually every dog will "heel," hold a long "sit-stay" and a long "down-stay," etc (most dogs will do the "heel" and "stays" off-leash). With these exercises your dog practices responding to you, and over time he will become able to respond even in a crisis. Each dog owner will devote the two days to learning to develop Dialogue® with dogs, all dogs, and coming to understand dog behavior as I see it. I will coach each owner on the details of all the new concepts and the new "body language" the owner must learn to be successful in this new paradigm of Dialogue®. 

The owner will leave the clinic on a clear, straight road to overcoming, through educated practice of the appropriate behaviors, whatever problems his current dog exhibits. The dog each owner brings to the clinic just happens to be the dog he is going to get to learn with.  My goal is to teach every owner how to use Dialogue® Dog Training to enable every dog that ever comes into his life to overcome its "behavior problems." So it's training for a lifetime.  And Dialogue® has a 100% success rate at solving every kind of behavior problem. 

The people I work with are so pleased to be free of their dogs' problem behavior. But freeing the owner of problems is my #2 purpose in teaching Dialogue® to a dog and owner.  My #1 purpose is to free the dogs from the underlying causes of problem behavior. Dialogue® removes the dogs' uncertainty, anxiety, confusion, fear, and frustration that they've acquired through their life experience, thus allowing them to become happy, confident, and peaceful. Furthermore, Dialogue® enables brand new puppies to go forward with their lives without suffering the mental damage that inevitably comes with having to live by trial and error in a world they cannot understand.  A full participant can return home with an entirely new relationship with his dog.

A DOG-ONLY PARTICIPANT is, as implied, only the dog. She will have two sessions with me, just like the full-participant dog, while the owner watches.  Those sessions can be on the same day if needed.  In those two sessions I will initiate Dialogue® with the dog, and she will learn from me (just as the full-participant dog does) the components of Dialogue®, all the standard obedience exercises which I call "appropriate behaviors." By the end of the second session virtually every dog will walk quietly on a leash, "heel," hold a long "sit-stay" and a long "down-stay," etc. (most dogs will do the "heel" and "stays" off-leash).  The exercises, the appropriate behaviors, are the structure for the dog's daily practice with her owner that develops the dog's responsiveness, confidence, competency, and peace of mind and body.  The dog will leave the clinic ready to practice everything with her owner as soon as the owner has sufficiently self-trained himself with my study materials to practice with the dog.  I expect the owner to dedicate himself to this self-training.  It is through this practice of the appropriate behaviors that whatever problems his dog exhibits will be overcome.

An AUDITOR gets to watch everything that goes on and hear everything that is said over the course of the two days.  For those who choose to participate at the dog-only level, auditing is a great way to jump-start the self-training under the guidance of my study materials that may be purchased at the clinic.

The fees for a two-day clinic in Missoula, MT (see schedule below), with no minimum number of full participants: 
Full participant: $450
Dog-only participant: $125
A person may audit the first day for $35 or both days for $50

The fees for a clinic anywhere in the U.S, with a minimum of four full participants.:
Full participant: $700 
Dog-only participant: $150
A person may audit the first day for $50 or both days for $75

We schedule these clinics upon request. If you would like to participate in a clinic in your area, please contact us.

Upcoming Missoula Clinics:

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Places we have traveled to train and teach (wherever Dialogue® goes, it works!):

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In these Dialogue® clinics you, too, can learn the very best way to help your dog.

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