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We adopted Tracey from our local animal shelter. It was love at first sight. The day I brought her home, I knew there was something different about her, so I took her to the veterinarian just to be sure. He confirmed my suspicion that Tracey was deaf. I talked to a lot of different professionals - dog trainers, etc. - who all said that deaf dogs don't make good pets and Tracey should probably be put to sleep. Not to mention she is a pit bull. Then I found Judy Moore. With WR-DOS, Tracey understands what she needs to do by hand signals. She's the best pet we could ask for.

Micole, Colorado

Complete Set of Book and DVD's

Complete Set of Book and DVD's

Complete Set of Book and DVD's
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In Judy Moore’s book and dvd’s you will find a comprehensive course in how to develop Dialogue® with any dog.

Do you find yourself asking, "How do I train my dog with Dialogue®?  With this instructional bundle, you have the answers. Because we want you to have the best possible preparation for developing Dialogue® with your dog, we are offering the complete set of study materials at a substantial discount with free shipping.

You may be learning Dialogue® entirely on your own, continuing to build on what you’ve learned in a Dialogue® training clinic with Judy, or refreshing and expanding your understanding and practice of Dialogue® to best meet the special needs of a new dog in your life. 

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*Be sure to study the book and Right Solution Dog Training DVD before proceeding to the other dvd's

Whatever the demands of your individual situation, studying and practicing all that you learn in this comprehensive course ensures that you will employ the correct approach to dog training so that you do the very best you can to help your dog gain greater peace of mind, confidence, and self-esteem, as well as self-control.

Every dog in your life deserves a life-long satisfying, effective, and joyous two-way conversation in Dialogue® with you. 

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