Right Solution Dog Training DVD

I wasn’t afraid of what he might do to me, but I was afraid of situations.  Bo had a problem with other dogs.  And he was not a peaceful dog.  I became a nervous wreck…. What had I done?  Should I actually keep this dog?

Sharon, California

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I rescued Toby from a very abusive situation. I immediately got him enrolled in the first obedience class I could...His problem at that time was uncontrollable barking and lunging, which seemed to get worse as the class progressed...I next enrolled him in agility...and that was a disaster….

Ellen, New York

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I have watched a dog who plunged on ahead, made her own decisions, and would not listen to a word you said, become a dog that is attentive and always listens….all of us have reached a much deeper understanding of Xena's behavior and know what her needs are….

Terra, Colorado (age 11)

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We are enjoying your book and have seen the video. Sounds great and we are very early in the steps, but they seem to be working. By the way, while we watched the video, Henry sat on my wife's lap and watched the entire tape intently!----and this is a puppy with a normally short attention span!!!! Either your voice, or the dogs on the screen or both were captivating...truly amazing!!!!!!!

Gordon, Ohio

I have loaned my Dialogue video and book to several new puppies and their parents in hopes they will study and practice your proven method. It has certainly been a blessing for us.

Nanette, Colorado

Right Solution Dog Training DVD

Right Solution Dog Training DVD

Right Solution Dog Training DVD
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The "Right Solution Dog Training" video shows you how to overcome dog anxiety, the number one cause of bad dog behavior, with the best dog training method inexistence. 

If you’ve said, "I need someone to show me how to train my dog!" then this video is for you. In 90 minutes, each obedience exercise (Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come, Heel) is explained and demonstrated as dog behaviorist Judy Moore teaches a dog and his owner in real-life training sessions.

You can learn this revolutionary approach to dog training, called Dialogue®, right in your own home by studying this video along with the essential textbook, Dogs Deserve Dialogue.

You’ll also watch Judy personally initiate Dialogue® in just a few minutes with untrained dogs, even those that were "out of control."  You will see and hear the exact energy level, body language, and voice tone that Judy has proven to be the best for Dialogue® and its positive reinforcement dog training.

This comprehensive DVD, along with Judy’s book Dogs Deserve Dialogue®, presents all the basic concepts and practices that you need to succeed in giving your dog a life in Dialogue®, the two-way communication that people all over the world have found to be the most effective dog training method.

What people have said about the "Right Solution Dog Training" video: 

"The video gives us a dog's-eye-view of the world. It is extremely effective and impacting in creating new, more compassionate thinking and a new view of our relationship to dogs. Your belief and commitment to what the dogs have taught you, and your unrelenting desire to communicate this to us, for us and for the dogs, is evident throughout."
- Doug and Kathy Russell, Cytozyme Pet Supplements

"Your video was very helpful to me. The step-by-step instructions for teaching dogs their exercises were so thorough and clear that I was able to give shelter dogs Dialogue®. The exercises are very easy to learn, and the results are amazing. I highly recommend this video!" 
- Barbara Niro, Rescue Worker and Shelter Volunteer

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