Self Training Program

Judy, your e-mail was such a God-send, as we were ready to give up. You can’t imagine the excitement around here when she behaved and controlled herself in the presence of dogs and people that have always scared her so badly! There is no way that the method taught in your book won't train an otherwise untrainable dog—as our Jazzie was….Getting your book and video is absolutely the best money we ever spent....

Judy, Washington

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We have had Ben 6 weeks now from the shelter. He started off as good as gold, but two weeks in he got a severe case of separation anxiety… .I couldn’t move in the house without him crying himself hoarse at the windows.... He is now much quieter and has got his voice box back.... I… feel that anybody can learn to have Dialogue with their dog.

Julie, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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When people see our puppy out for walks, being so calm and in tune at such a young age, we've been able to tell them about your training, and have had a lot of positive responses. The people we have talked to seem really open to it, especially when they see it in action with Masada.

Laura, California

I have trained animals almost daily for about 30 years. Your method is the easiest, most painless and fun way to train a dog!

Lora, New York

This has been the best training program I've tried. I love the no-punishment philosophy, and friendship, not alpha-dog, relationship, and the self-confidence building for both dog and owner.

Doug, Michigan

To enjoy the possibilities of lifelong dog training at home, learn Dialogue® so that you won't have to turn to pet shops or training schools' dog training programs for dog training help with your future dogs.

People all over the world are successfully learning to develop Dialogue® with their dogs.
Dialogue® is highly effective two-way communication between a dog and her human partner. Dialogue® removes the primary obstacle to good dog behavior—dog anxiety. Dialogue® gives your dog the confidence, security and peace of mind she needs to be able to respond appropriately to you. From the study materials found on this website you will learn
1) a new way of thinking about both dog behavior and  training methods
2) a structure of exercises (Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come, Heel) that you will practice for only minutes each day with your dog in the convenience of your own home.. With these exercises your dog practices responding to you, and over time he will become able to respond even in a crisis.

You will train your dog to do the exercises only after you have trained yourself!
It takes time, commitment and perseverance, but then you will have become the dog trainer.You will know what to do, from your own self-taught expertise, to train all the dogs that come into your life for the rest of your life!

You must understand that if you were to train with me in my typical two-day training clinic, I would spend on average no more than 15 minutes of that two days teaching your dog everything she needs to know to start practicing with you. The rest of the time is spent teaching you how to train your dog through Dialogue®!

So expect to begin by studying the book Dogs Deserve Dialogue®, watching and rewatching the DVD “Right Solution Dog Training,” and practicing each procedure by yourself a lot...for days...before even trying to apply what you're learning to your dog.

Read and watch everything through once. Then go back and break it down section by section--i.e., Chapter 5 in the book and then the first section of the student training sessions on the DVD up to the "Do's and Don't's" for that section. Then on to Chapter 6 and the next section on the DVD, and so on.  Study and scrutinize and then mimic what you've seen and heard me do on the DVD. With me, any dog learns very quickly. So the more closely you emulate what I do with a dog, the greater will be your success. You can also utilize the DVD’s “Initiating Dialogue®: The Foundation,”  and“HEEL With Dialogue®,” to help you get going.

Once you are prepared to include your dog in your practice, you’ll initiate Dialogue® with your dog. That first activity will be the substance of your first practice sessions, a few minutes at a time. After that, you’ll add the exercises one at a time, allowing for at least a few days of practice on each new one before adding another. Your daily practice sessions should cover all of your growing number of exercises without exceeding 10 to 15 minutes in duration. 

Your dog should never even be aware that you had a learning curve!  Don’t practice anything with your dog until you are able to make your dog feel better about herself and her life in this world because she practiced with you.

You will use the book and DVD together as a step-by-step guide to achieving the great relationship with your dog you may never have thought possible.
For those of you who are at a distance from Montana and are feelng left out of the possibilities of Dialogue® for your dog because you are hesitant to try self-training yourself, help is at hand! I can assist and teach you, wherever you are, with today's technology of video and video-phone, such as Skype.  Follow the steps given for self-training yourself to develop Dialogue® with your dog. When you reach a point where you'd like evaluation, clarification, or any other kind of coaching, make one or more video clips of what you are doing. It could be the preliminary practice by yourself (or with a human as your "dog") or your actual practice with your dog. If you upload that video to and select the privacy setting "Unlisted" and send me the link, we can make an appointment to sit down together over Skype and watch it together. I can coach every second of the clip. It is as good as personal hands-on training and in some ways even better, and always fun!
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