Saving the ‘Bad Dog’ With Dialogue® DVD

Tiny’s people tell me he is "out of control," and they have been told by professional trainers and the Leonberger Rescue Society that he needs to be put down….They tell me he has bitten people twice….

Tom, Crestone, CO

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…Around the time Rajah turned three, she started acting differently around strangers….she would often snap…then came the day…when she chased down a boy on his bicycle and grabbed him by the ankle….I phoned a trainer…She absolutely refused to work with her and advised me over the phone to put the dog down immediately….

Lanea, Colorado  

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Kachina was a canine in danger. Her mother was described by the breeder as “shy and a little snappy,” and the thought was that Kachina would be similar. We realized the puppy was scared—of us, of the cat, of everything. By adulthood, Kachina would strike like a rattlesnake…. My wife spotted a newspaper advertisement that said something about saving dogs through training. Within a week we were in Judy Moore's barn…. After two years, Kachina is a different dog….

Dick Dixon, Colorado  

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Saving the "Bad Dog" with Dialogue® DVD

This DVD is for you if you need help to solve troublesome or even severe problem dog behavior like aggression toward dogs (or other animals) or people. You'll also see ideas for successfully training deaf dogs.

No dog is irredeemable or beyond help. Every dog, no matter his "problems," can be saved with Dialogue®. 

Before studying this DVD, you must have a working understanding of the principles of Dialogue® which you gain only from the original study materials, the book Dogs Deserve Dialogue and the DVD “Right Solution Dog Training.”

“Saving the ‘Bad Dog’ With Dialogue®” shows the therapeutic redemption through Dialogue® of dogs with many kinds of difficult “issues.” The underlying cause of all severe problem dog behavior is deep anxiety that has strained the so-called problem dog beyond his ability to cope. Deep anxiety may be manifested in the form of aggression or protection of food or territory. Or maybe the dog has an anxiety-promoting physical handicap such as deafness that makes her fearful and reactionary. They all deserve help.

Only Dialogue® can overcome the deep anxiety that is the cause of problem dog behavior. In 43 minutes, “Saving the ‘Bad Dog’ With Dialogue®” makes it very clear why we can claim that Dialogue® never fails to solve even the most difficult issues. That news should be very encouraging and very exciting. 

This DVD proves that the thousands of dogs that are being destroyed daily for “behavior problems” should not have to die. Issues of aggression, no matter how severe, have been resolved with incredible success with Dialogue®. “Saving the ‘Bad Dog’ With Dialogue®” will provide you with the practical therapeutic means to address these problems.

With what you learn from this DVD you can be confident of success in saving a dog that “the experts” might condemn to death.

Even if the dog you have now has no troubling behavioral issues, "Saving the ‘Bad Dog’ With Dialogue®" will provide you with important insights into what can be done to solve severe behavioral problems for any dog.

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Saving the ‘Bad Dog’ With Dialogue® DVD

Saving the ‘Bad Dog’ With Dialogue® DVD

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