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Dialogue® is much, much more than just "dog obedience." Judy, you have the skills and expertise to help dogs and their owners through all situations in life…. Dialogue has become our way of life, and my relationship with Heidi has, moreover, been further solidified with Dialogue...

Macushla, Colorado

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Judy Moore, the founder of Dialogue® Dog Training, is a dog behaviorist and dog trainer, often affectionately called a dog whisperer.

Judy has been a student of animal behavior all her life. She grew up in a lakeside home in Michigan, rescuing and training everything from ducks to dogs, with horses on the side. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in zoology and completed a masters degree in Communications and Environmental Education while on a fellowship at the University of Wisconsin.

While traveling in countries throughout the world, she observed firsthand the neglect and abuse of dogs in many human cultures. After a brief career as an editor and writer, in 1976 she returned with her husband to the Colorado mountains where she devoted her life to caring for her family (two boys) and the many animals she rescued. In 2007, Judy and her husband and business partner Jim relocated to the Bitterroot Valley of Montana.

Judy has personally rescued and rehabilitated for adoption over a hundred abused and abandoned dogs. As a dog behaviorist, Judy has employed her skills in communications research to discover ways to reach and restore the confidence and happiness of severely traumatized dogs. Because of her unique sensitivity to what these dogs need, Judy is often referred to as a dog whisperer, but she rarely whispers. She mostly praises and reassures non-stop with her best cheerleader voice!

As a dog trainer, Judy’s volunteer work with dogs in animal shelters, including a rescue organization she founded, has been invaluable in making shelter dogs more adoptable. It was at the urging of several students whom she helped to save their dogs—dogs who had been condemned to death by other trainers for their dangerous and “incorrigible behavior”—that she wrote and published the book Dogs Deserve Dialogue®: Rover Should Hang on Your Words, NOT on Your Leash.

Judy now devotes most of her time to teaching people how to develop a communication partnership, which she calls Dialogue®, with their dogs. She has lectured on Dialogue® and dog behavior and has worked with dogs and their families in training clinics throughout the U.S., as well as in Mexico, England and Wales. Judy currently offers two-day training clinics at her school near Missoula, Montana and schedules clinics in other areas upon request.

Via phone and e-mail, Judy consults worldwide with people who are self-training themselves with her book Dogs Deserve Dialogue®, its companion DVD Right Solution Dog Training, and the additional DVD’s Initiating Dialogue: The Foundation, HEEL With Dialogue®, and Saving the ‘Bad Dog’ With Dialogue®.

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