HEEL with Dialogue® DVD

I am very happy that I got your DVD's. Your training has really brought such a turn around in our lives!! The four of us are so grateful!... A lovely woman at the mall commented that she had enjoyed seeing me train her and seeing how wonderfully she responds to the words and body posture without need of treats. I told her about you!!

Liliana, CA

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Since watching the DVD HEEL With Dialogue….I've been able to have him Heel beside me without a leash for perhaps as much as 100 yards…His heeling and walking in his "bubble" are far better than that of any dog I've ever owned. 

Doug, MI

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HEEL with Dialogue® DVD

This 47-minute DVD is like taking personal dog training lessons on teaching a dog “Heel,” the most useful of all dog obedience exercises for rehabilitative therapy in addition to orderly walking.

Before studying this DVD, you must have a working understanding of the principles of Dialogue® which you get from the original study materials, the book Dogs Deserve Dialogue and the DVD "Right Solution Dog Training."

In your practice in Dialogue® have you ever had trouble with your dog blasting from 0 to 60 on the first step after you give the command “Heel”? How about a dog playing tug of war with the leash? Or maybe one too scared to move?  In the DVD “HEEL With Dialogue®“ you’ll see examples of all this and more, and proven ideas for how to solve these problems with no scolding or punishment, only lots of praise-in-anticipation.  When you have this DVD, you can repeat the material over and over as much as you need.  Whether you’re just beginning to self-train yourself to develop Dialogue® with your dog or have had some long-standing difficulties with the "Heel" exercise, this DVD will give you a huge boost.

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HEEL With Dialogue® DVD

HEEL With Dialogue® DVD

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