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Judy's Blog


For ten years, via a well-received quarterly newsletter, I spoke out for the welfare of dogs and kept in touch with dear dog-respecting people whom I am privileged to count as my friends. With this blog I will now be able to share thoughts, perspectives and experiences in a much more timely fashion.

I’m sure the steady flow of success stories from Dialogue® enthusiasts—a staple of the newsletters—will continue, and I will no longer have to
save them for a periodic newsletter. I expect to have photos and videos to share while I continue to be a captivated spectator, watching Dialogue® change the lives of dogs and their human partners for the better in so many ways.

Thank you to all who have through the years been part of this movement to create a sea change in the way people perceive dogs and their behavior and address behavioral issues, and welcome aboard to all who are just finding out about Dialogue® for the very first time.

According to Webster’s, “dimension” can mean “scope; importance.” It is my intent to explore in this blog the scope and importance of Dialogue® in the lives of dogs and people.

I welcome your comments.

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