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For ten years, via a well-received quarterly newsletter, I spoke out for the welfare of dogs and kept in touch with dear dog-respecting people whom I am privileged to count as my friends. With this blog I will now be able to share thoughts, perspectives and experiences in a much more timely fashion.

I’m sure the steady flow of success stories from Dialogue® enthusiasts—a staple of the newsletters—will continue, and I will no longer have to
save them for a periodic newsletter. I expect to have photos and videos to share while I continue to be a captivated spectator, watching Dialogue® change the lives of dogs and their human partners for the better in so many ways.

Thank you to all who have through the years been part of this movement to create a sea change in the way people perceive dogs and their behavior and address behavioral issues, and welcome aboard to all who are just finding out about Dialogue® for the very first time.

According to Webster’s, “dimension” can mean “scope; importance.” It is my intent to explore in this blog the scope and importance of Dialogue® in the lives of dogs and people.

I welcome your comments.

I named him “Keeper” to make a statement. He had been given up by the prevailing authorities as unadoptable when only several months old, and because of that, he was on death row at a pound. In his few short months, he had become so terrified by human brutality that he could only be caught […]

Preventive care
You might think, with that title, that I’m going to talk about canine health care, but I’m not…not in the expected sense. The care I’m going to promote at this writing is the prevention of canine shooting deaths at the hands of armed law enforcement officers. This is a really uncomfortable subject for me to […]

Dog park dilemma
Last summer I spoke of what I see as the dangers inherent in off-leash dog parks. I’m aware now, because of an incident that was recently brought to my attention, that the traumatic troubles go beyond just what a mentally unstable dog might cause through aggression toward another dog. Dog owners at off-leash dog parks, […]

Keep the holiday happy
Even bringing up this issue at such a happy holiday time is difficult to do lest I be labeled some holiday-stealing grinch. But if we all take heed to what I offer here, holiday-destroying tragedy can be avoided. Some months ago I read of a shocking incident that cost two innocent lives. It was all […]

Guest Blog
Our guest blogger today, Renee, is sister to the other recent Seattle blogger, is also from Seattle and also has two Havenese whom she brought to my two-day Dialogue® training clinic last month. Mia, about 4 years old, has been driven by a lot of anxiety, rarely sleeping undisturbed through the night. Renee is sharing […]

It’s called commitment
In a recent issue of the AARP Bulletin an article about human divorce (“Divorce Will Cost You” by Jane Bryant Quinn) gave the statistic that divorces of couples over 50 rose 25% in the last 20 years. The reasons for these divorces include, as given in the article, “The partners bore each other, harbor grudges, […]

Guest Blog
My guest blogger today, Michele, is from Seattle and engaged to be married to Curt, guardian of two Havenese, Javi and Julio. She came to Montana to a two-day Dialogue® training clinic as a full participant with Julio just a week before writing this progress report. Julio, 10 years old, had experienced severe abuse during […]

Fun not fear on the Fourth
Fireworks and the Fourth of July go hand in hand. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to celebrate with the crowd at a splendid staging of pyrotechnics. However, the commitment to be a lifelong guardian for one or more dogs involves many sacrifices (for which payback is immense), and this may be one of them. […]

I’d rather be wrong
For many years now I’ve been advising all my Dialogue® students to consider all off-leash dog parks as very possibly a tragedy waiting to happen. I wish I’d been proven wrong. Off-leash dog parks are a wonderful concept. I’ve visited them. I’ve watched the dogs there who are so happy to be free to run […]

Honoring the relationship
Dialogue® teaches dog owners to do their best to look at everything, every circumstance and every action, from the dog’s point of view instead of a human point of view, and let that point of view guide their reactions to a dog’s behavior. Although some may consider it a revolutionary idea, it is an idea […]
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