Dogs Deserve Dialogue Book

Your ideas have been illuminating, feel sound and resonate as true. It is definitely on a deeper level than other training methods, surpassing instincts and dog pack dynamics, etc. I feel I have a window into dog psychology now, both with our dogs and others I observe. I can understand their behavior…. My husband and I have scoured dog breed books…trying to find the "perfect" dog for us—e.g., one with no behavior problems attached to it. Now we know that that doesn't really matter.

AliCarmen, California

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…of all the books...I have looked at, yours is the one I'm sticking with. Your method makes so much sense, and I can't imagine going with any of the other training methods after just getting through one-fourth of this book....I think you should go on Oprah Winfrey. She could easily make an entire show about your teachings of this dog learning method.

Heather, Washington

I am getting into your book and find myself underlining almost everything !!!  This is the best written book on any behavioral subject I have read.  And I read a lot.  Every sentence is important.  It's a masterful accomplishment. 
Holly, Colorado

Got started reading your book yesterday and found it an incredible experience.  Your astute awareness of the vitality of communication between pet and human resounded in my heart with an enormous, "YES! Right on!" 
Leah, California

I have called everyone I know that owns a dog to tell them how well it worked with Ashley!...I have tried every method there is and bought every book I could find on training your dog. NONE have worked as well or as fast as Dialogue®.
Linda, California

Dogs Deserve Dialogue Book
Dogs Deserve Dialogue® Book (Print Version)

Dogs Deserve Dialogue® Book (Print Version)

Dogs Deserve Dialogue® Book (Print Version)
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Are you wanting to know how to train your dog or puppy in a way that really works? Any puppy? Any dog?

Do you want a simple approach to dog training that has a 100% success rate in overcoming all kinds of dog behavior problems?  This is it! Of all dog training books only one, Dogs Deserve Dialogue, teaches you how to train your dog or puppy through removing the primary underlying cause of bad behavior—dog anxiety.

This book shows you a practical method called Dialogue®, based on kindness and love, for reducing dog anxiety. Until you know what causes bad behavior in dogs, you cannot correct that behavior. 

Dogs Deserve Dialogue explains in plain and simple language the underlying causes of all forms of bad, inappropriate, or uncooperative dog behavior and how to eliminate them without punishment. You will be learning obedience training for dogs in the most simple, fast, foolproof and fun way.

You will learn how to train your puppy or your dog using the basic obedience exercises (Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come, Heel) to establish the life-saving, highly effective two-way communication called Dialogue®.

The exercises may be familiar to you, but their use in Dialogue® dog training is far different than in conventional monologue dog training. Because Dialogue® is so effective, many kinds of behavior problems disappear literally in minutes. And the dog develops all-important confidence and peace of mind.

184 pages with over 70 illustrations and photographs

“Judy Moore is to dogs what Monty Roberts (author of The Man Who Listens to Horses) is to horses. And with her book, Moore unleashes her canine wisdom acquired over more than 40 years, so that others can become ‘dog whisperers,’ too. When practiced, her concise and precise exercises leave dogs and their people smiling.” 
- Colleen Smith, The Denver Post

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