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Judy was invited to appear on the WB2 Day show (Channel 2, Denver) not once, but twice! For her first appearance, she gave Dialogue to Keena, the 8-year-old cherished canine companion of the show's co-host, Laura Thornquist and then answered call-in questions. Mikey, a beautiful Australian Shepherd with a troubled past accompanied her on the second appearance to make the appeal for dogs such as he getting a second chance at a happy life through Dialogue.


In “Animal Issues” magazine, Summer 2001:

“There are no bad dogs! Understanding this is the key to successful dog training. Judy Moore has been rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned and traumatized dogs for nearly 40 years. She has also dedicated many years to communications research, leading to the development of a human-dog dialogue.

Dogs Deserve Dialogue teaches the caregiver to use the basic obedience exercises to build effective communication in minutes. She helps locate the root of bad behaviors. Taking the stance that ‘dogs deserve something better than domination,’ she completely eliminates punishment from the training process.

Witty, entertaining and compassionate, Dogs Deserve Dialogue is full of personal doggie anecdotes the reader will easily relate to. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking easy, humane dog training advice.”

Kymberlie Matthews-Adams for Animal Issues, Summer 2001

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