Initiating Dialogue®: The Foundation DVD

I rewatched the DVD Initiating Dialogue The Foundation yesterday. The videos showing ordinary people learning are really helpful, especially where you show the common mistakes (such as turning the wrong way) and how to avoid them….

Angela, Ontario, Canada

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“Initiating Dialogue®: The Foundation” is very helpful.  It was good to see how "uncooperative-at-first" dogs were handled.  Ruru is doing very well on the leash now!.... I will continue to work with the methods shown in the DVD. 

Doug, Michigan

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Initiating Dialogue®: The Foundation DVD

In this DVD Judy Moore explains and demonstrates in further detail the first step in Dialogue® —a totally positive dog training method that can overcome all forms of "bad" dog behavior, some literally overnight.

Please note: Before studying this DVD, you must have a working understanding of the principles of Dialogue® which you get from the original study materials, the book Dogs Deserve Dialogue and the DVD “Right Solution Dog Training" 

Watch clips of dog owners in actual training clinics learning this vital initial step in developing Dialogue®, the highly effective two-way communication between you and your dog that reduces your dog’s anxiety. Anxiety is the primary underlying cause of all “bad” behavior in dogs. If you’ve already begun developing Dialogue® with your dog, and you’re finding this all-important procedure a little challenging, you’ll be encouraged by seeing that no one trains his or her body without considerable practice! You’ll gain confidence by knowing that these dog owners are doing it, and so can you! In 34 minutes you’ll get all the details of this unique activity that is the starting point in Dialogue® training for dogs.

You will watch Judy Moore initiating Dialogue® with dogs of every nature and size—the timid dog, the hyper dog, the out-of-control dog all catch on to Dialogue®  right before your eyes. And most importantly, you will see the inevitable happy response of dog after dog as he realizes that he can look to his human partner for reassurance and direction while receiving nothing but non-stop encouraging praise.

View an excerpt below:

Initiating Dialogue®: The Foundation DVD

Initiating Dialogue®: The Foundation DVD

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