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I went to Buena Vista to learn Dialogue with much skepticism and my dog Mikey, 125 pounds of pure love and some high anxiety, fearful behaviors that many people would see as vicious…. Before Dialogue, any stranger that came near Mikey risked being bitten …What happens in Buena Vista and what we learn to do at home goes beyond love and patience; it is dog therapy…. 

Tom, Colorado

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The society people told us they had thought Oscar was mentally ill when he first arrived because he would freak out in the exercise yard.  For some reason we've never been able to find out, he was totally hysterical in the car….

Pat, Windsor, U.K

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Lucy was so timid that I couldn't even take her for a walk out the front door….I called Judy Moore…. What a difference those 2 days have made!!....Judy's training methods gave Lucy great confidence in herself….Many, many thanks Judy.

Sharon, Colorado

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About Dialogue

What’s so revolutionary about Dialogue® dog obedience training?

To begin with it shows you a radically new view of your dog’s behavior problems:

First, your dog is already obedient, was born obedient: but obedient to what?

Second, your dog is innocent!

Finally, Dialogue® is revolutionary especially because it recognizes the most important obstacle to a really wonderful relationship between you and your dog—your dog’s anxiety. You may see your dog as “high-energy,” or maybe “stubborn,” or perhaps “timid,” or even “sullen” and “aggressive.” And you associate lots of inappropriate, troubling, annoying, or even threatening behavior with those qualities. Experience with Dialogue® proves that those qualities are primarily the symptoms of your dog’s anxiety.

Are you ready to learn how Dialogue®, effective two-way communication between you and your dog, reduces that anxiety and shows your dog to be naturally calm, cooperative, confident, and happy?

Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it’s just the simple fact countless dog owners around the world have learned through Dialogue®. And it’s the reason Dialogue® has a 100% success rate in overcoming all kinds of behavior problems—even those that seem unsolvable in conventional dog training—often in a matter of minutes!

So why do dogs in loving homes have anxiety?

Learn why all dogs, in varying degrees, are suffering from anxiety: First, ask yourself how you would feel if you were born clueless into an alien world, living by trial and error, with virtually no means of communicating with the aliens, who, even though you loved them, were constantly scolding and punishing you for doing what you thought was right? Might you feel a lot of anxiety? For dogs our urban human world is that alien world!

Learn how dog anxiety is actually preventing your dog from expressing his inherent cooperative nature and his innate obedience to the humans he loves.

Living by trial and error:

Living by trial and error in this alien human world, your dog is constantly filled with questions about what to do. Where can she turn for answers? She depends on her in-born rule book, her instincts, for all her answers.

Learn how your dog’s instincts are driving what humans see as “bad behavior.” For example, if a dog were to chase a child passing by on a bike and nip his ankle, is she a bad dog? Vicious? Deserving a death sentence? Learn why that herding dog is actually innocent!... and how you can easily teach her to override her instincts through Dialogue® with you…with no scolding or punishing ever. Learning how to do that can save your dog’s life!

Dialogue® not a Monologue:

Conventional dog training is monologue training. The human tells his dog what to do and then tries by various means to get his dog to do it, oblivious to his dog’s constant questions and increasing his dog’s anxiety! What if you knew that your dog would actually ask you what she should be doing if only she knew she should ask you and knew how to ask? And what if you could teach her to ask you, understood her questions, and could give her answers that would reduce her anxiety and easily guide her into calmly cooperative behavior? Well, that’s exactly how Dialogue® Dog Training works. It really is that simple. And that’s why once you learn Dialogue, the results are so immediate!

Want to learn Dialogue®?

Can you learn to train dogs yourself using Dialogue®? You bet you can! People all over the world are! We’ve provided all the information you need for reducing dog anxiety and for all your dog obedience work in the textbook Dogs Deserve Dialogue, the initial companion DVD, Right Solution Dog Training, and the follow-up DVD’s, Initiating Dialogue®: The Foundation, HEEL with Dialogue®, Saving the "Bad Dog" with Dialogue®. And we’re always adding to these self-study materials.

Go here to download the book Dogs Deserve Dialogue right now!

Can you also get personal help to learn Dialogue® training if you’re not confident to learn completely on your own? Yes, you can! We offer two-day dog owner training clinics where you can get one-on-one, hands-on Dialogue® coaching with your dog. You and your dog can get all the personal training you need in just two days.

Know what? You were not born knowing all about dog obedience. No one was. That doesn’t mean you’re deficient! No one should expect you to know all about training dogs. But because you want to have, or already have, a dog companion, please give some serious thought to what we have to share. The ideas presented here are asking you to see beyond the common appearances of “bad” dog behavior and failed dog obedience and come to understand what is really going on for these wonderful animals. Thousands of dogs are being destroyed every day because of their “bad behavior.” Dog anxiety is the culprit. That’s why we’re very serious about how important it is for you to learn Dialogue®.

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