Dogs Deserve Dialogue® Book (eBook Version)
Dogs Deserve Dialogue® Book (eBook Version)
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Dogs Deserve Dialogue® Book (eBook Version)

Are you wanting to know how to train a dog in a way that really works? Any dog?

Do you want a simple approach to training a dog that has a 100% success rate in overcoming all kinds of dog behavior problems? You now have it with the economy and convenience of eBook format!  This eBook, Dogs Deserve Dialogue, is the only dog training book you need because it teaches you how to train any dog through removing the primary underlying cause of bad behavior—dog anxiety.

This book shows you a practical method, called Dialogue®, based on kindness and love, for reducing dog anxiety. Until you know what causes bad behavior in dogs, you cannot correct that behavior. 

Dogs Deserve Dialogue explains in plain and simple language the underlying causes of all forms of bad, inappropriate, or uncooperative dog behavior and how to eliminate them without punishment. You will be learning how to train a dog in the most simple, fast, foolproof and fun way. 

You will be training a dog using the basic obedience exercises (Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come, Heel) to establish the life-saving, highly effective two-way communication called Dialogue®. 

The exercises may be familiar to you, but their use in Dialogue® dog training is far different than in conventional "monologue" dog training. Because Dialogue® is so effective, many kinds of behavior problems disappear literally in minutes. And the dog develops all-important confidence and peace of mind.

184 pages with over 70 illustrations and photographs

“Judy Moore is to dogs what Monty Roberts (author of The Man Who Listens to Horses) is to horses. And with her book, Moore unleashes her canine wisdom acquired over more than 40 years, so that others can become ‘dog whisperers,’ too. When practiced, her concise and precise exercises leave dogs and their people smiling.” 
- Colleen Smith, The Denver Post


Dialogue® is of inestimable value to dogs and their owners, giving dogs peace of mind, self-control, confidence, and greater self-esteem. For owners whose dogs exhibit severe behavior problems, it is often their only hope for redeeming their beloved pet. We urge you to make others aware of the great value of Dialogue®, but we earnestly request that you encourage them to purchase this e-book. For the convenience of our readers we offer this book as a simple PDF document, without protective technology that could significantly limit your personal use. We trust that you will refrain from passing this PDF file (or any alteration or portion of this file) on to others. It is illegal to copy this e-book for use on any but your own computers or to print or copy it for any but your own personal use. 

Judy Moore depends largely on this book for the support of her world-wide mission to save dogs’ lives. Judy has devoted her life to improving the intercommunication between dogs and humans. Her primary purpose has always been to free all dogs from the anxiety and frustration they feel and the punishment they endure from living by trial and error in a human world. Dialogue® has literally saved the lives of countless dogs around the world who were condemned to death for what humans considered to be their severe and unsolvable behavior problems. Judy has voluntarily given Dialogue® to dogs in pounds and shelters, greatly increasing their chances for adoption. She has voluntarily worked with shelter and rescue volunteers, helping them to learn Dialogue® to improve their interactions with the dogs. In addition Judy gives hours of her time virtually every day helping people to redeem their troubled dogs. Her mission is worthy of your support.

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