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...your training will be used throughout my kennel…[Hans] is wagging his tail, playing with everyone and not fighting....He is a different dog… I cannot thank you enough. Now I wish I could just change the attitude toward Hans of the people who knew that he bit me….you helped me with Hans. Can you help me help the people around us to understand?

Susan, Kentucky

Click here to read the story of this champion show collie who had become so anxious and angry that he bit his owner (a breeder of champions for 26 years) in the face.

Breeze jumped the fence and attacked the neighbor's dog several times, despite punishment. We put her on a chain. She broke the chain, jumped the fence, and attacked the neighbor's dog. She ended up on a 3-foot chain in the garage. I couldn't walk her as she was too strong and out of control. Breeze was always afraid of humans. She wouldn't let anyone touch her. She snapped out of fear and bit me twice. Breeze was 4 years old when I sought help from Judy....

Jeri, Colorado

Click here to read what Dialogue® did for Breeze.

Your two-day training session has changed my life and future with my puppy Tico. She so enjoys looking up at me to ask, "What's next?" Thank-you again for your profound insight!

Joan, Colorado

In teaching dogs commands, what is the main obstacle to dog obedience?  Dog Anxiety!

...And you’re about to learn how to remove it!

Your beloved dog has a problem or two, right? A problem related to his behavior with you and others and his environment?

And conventional methods of dog training aren't solving it, right?

Rest assured; you’ve now found your solution!

But why are there so many dog obedience problems that conventional methods of modifying dog behavior aren't solving? Because when most people are training dogs, they're trying to change the symptoms without first removing the main cause.

The number one cause of all dog obedience problems is dog anxiety--largely unrecognized, and misidentified by most people, even the professionals, as “high energy” for example. So how do we remove this anxiety? With Dialogue®.

If you're ready for a revolutionary new view of dog behavior and to learn how it is anxiety-driven,

to learn more.

Dialogue® is highly effective two-way communication between dogs and their human partners.

Dialogue® is the outgrowth of nearly 50 years of experience with rescuing, rehabilitating, and training dogs of all kinds and conditions.  Because it's the one thing that dogs most need from their human partners, and because it reduces problem-creating-and-driving anxiety, Dialogue® has a 100% success rate in overcoming all the various kinds of problems dogs can manifest..

And because dogs have been waiting for really effective communication with their human partners all their lives, Dialogue® overcomes many kinds of behavior problems literally overnight! With no punishment, no scolding, no domination, and no treats (as a training aid), ever! Your dog is ready and waiting for Dialogue®!

Do you want to enable your dog to be more peaceful, more responsive, more confident, and calmly cooperative?

Then CLICK HERE to learn how the two-way communication of Dialogue® works where all other means and methods of dog communication—despite their many "secrets", fail in some degree.  They fail because they not only don't reduce dog anxiety but often actually increase it.  No "secrets" here.  Just some plain bare truths that work every time, for every dog, in every situation.

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